Cross-Border Relocation

As a cross-border mover, our focus is on you and making each step of the process clear. Understanding your responsibilities, paperwork, and requirements is what Kingsway Van Lines will offer our customers. We ensure that everything is prepared to ensure that there are no delays at the border. Your Kingsway Van Lines consultant will provide you with the necessary information and form about crossing the border to ensure safe arrival of your goods without unnecessary delays. Please take extra care to ensure that passports, birth certificates, photo ID and social insurance/security numbers for each family member crossing the border are up to date.

Kingsway Van Lines has a personal approach to each long-distance move across the border, and each move reflects the person behind it. Our cross-border moving consultant will work with your moving needs to ensure a hassle-free move.

For more information, contact your Kingsway Moving Consultant.

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