Household Moves

Kingsway Van Lines has put a quality program into place to ensure that your move is effortless, and here are some of the advantages that you will receive throughout your move process:

Preparation for your move:

Contact Kingsway Van Lines for a detailed quote. Based on your moving needs, Kingsway will prepare a quote unique to your moving needs and guaranteed to be within your budget.

One of our trained moving consultants will walk you through the moving process by addressing your moving needs and answer any questions you may have.

Once you book your move, Kingsway Van Lines guarantees a confirmation in writing with all of your moving details. You will have peace of mind that your move and rates are booked and secured.

Before your moving date, Kingsway Van Lines team and moving consultant will be at your disposal.

Kingsway Van Lines will contact you 24 hours before your moving date, to re-confirm your moving date and any moving needs, to ensure that our moving crew is fully prepared to tackle your move.

On the moving day, the crew will be assigned with a job supervisor who will be supervising and helping with the move.

Once your shipment has been loaded and is on its way to the destination, Kingsway Van Lines will be able to assist you in tracking your load, ensuring that you are well aware of the delivery span, and inform you of your total charges.

Our moving pros will ensure that:

You have a clear explanation of the moving plan/process before the crew begins

Each piece is labelled and inventory prepared

Each piece is wrapped and protected before it leaves your home

Disassembly of basic items to ensure safe arrival at destination

You get a clear Explanation of the Way Bill

Kingsway Van Lines will contact you 8-24 hours prior to the delivery date to confirm arrival of the crew and confirm delivery details.

We will also ensure that we:

Offload and bring everything in your new residence

Unwrap and place everything into the desired rooms

Unpack boxes (if requested and arranged) and place all of the items on a surface where it would be convenient for you can put them away at your leisure. We will remove all of the boxes and debris from the boxes that we packed.

Once delivery has been completed and you have had the chance to settle in, one of our consultants will follow up with you to get your feedback on the moving process.

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