08 How much will the move cost and how do I budget?

Each move is unique, which is why we have trained moving experts ready to assist in quoting you accurately for your upcoming move. In order for our staff to provide you with an accurate quote for your move, we will request an inventory list of items to be moved to be submitted. In order to assist with this process, our moving experts will provide you with an estimate form following your inquiry.

Once you have filled out the form and returned this to your sales agent, we would be happy to provide an accurate quote for the move. We ask that the inventory list be as detailed as possible to ensure sufficient space and labour is reserved for your move, and to ensure you are able to budget appropriately for your move.

If there are any changes to your inventory list please notify your sales agent at least 3 business days prior to the pick-up date so that the quote can be adjusted and the appropriate space and labour can be reserved. Our sales team will work with you throughout this process to ensure you are well prepared and able to budget for your upcoming move.