Moving Tips And Preparation

Check out the best moving tips and advice to keep you organized and prepared for your upcoming relocation. Your dedicated moving expert would be happy to answer any more questions should you have one or if you don’t see a great suggestion below.

Before you Pack

  • Gather packing supplies – supplies like packing tape, labels and markers help organize and secure your boxes. Also, materials like packing paper, bubble wrap and towels help protect your items.
  • Packing boxes – Usually, liquor storage, grocery stores and other retailers have empty boxes that they recycle. You can approach those stores to get empty boxes usually for free. The best option however is to use brand new sturdy boxes, especially of you are moving long distance to ensure that they can survive the trip and wont get damaged during transportation.
  • Clean and Declutter – When starting to pack, make sure you don’t pack items that you don’t need. Throw out items that you don’t need and dispose of items as you pack. Clean your home and see if you have items that you want to be donated or gifted to friends and family. Its easier to get rid of them now and avoid paying to ship items that you don’t need.

During Packing

  • Use right boxes for the right stuff – Heavy items are best in smaller boxes so they are easier to lift and move. Lighter items are best in larger boxes so you can more around at once. Try and prepare a plan instead of throwing things into boxes, this prevents damage during transportation.
  • Park by Room – It is much easier to keep boxes separated by room. It is easier to unpack these boxes on the other side. Keep each room to its own box. Be sure to label the boxes for ease of unpacking.
  • A little at a time – pack a little at a time. It daunting to pack everything at one, so do a little bit at a time. One room at a time, one dresser at a time will help make packing less stressful.
  • Fragile items – its important to wrap fragile items such as glass, fragile art, valuables and electronics. Wrap items in packing paper, towels and blankets to ensure their safety during transportation. If you have original boxes for any of these items, those are the ideal way to ship them.
  • Tape and secure your boxes – Tape and seal each boxes. Have the boxes packed and sealed and prepared for the crews arrival.
  • Label/Organize – Label your boxes not only with the room name but also with your first, last name and preferable the destination city of where the shipment is going to.

Before Moving Day

  • Keep Documents Organized
  • Book your moving date with your mover and confirm it
  • Make sure you change your address with all service providers
  • Set up utilities and cancel old utilities
  • Pack items you may need when you arrive
  • Set items you may need for your travel
  • Keep items that you don’t want to be loaded by the crew with you and close by
  • Stop purchasing groceries
  • Empty out your fridge
  • Prepare cleaning supplies for your new location

Packing Services

Kingsway Van Lines offers full and partial packing services at most locations. If you want to leave the hassle of packing to our crew, we are happy to help. This service allows you to simply open the door and relax.

Kingsway Van Lines crew can offer full or partial packing services on site. Our crew will come prepared with all of the packing materials required to perform the work. Whether you want our crew to perform all of the packing services or take care of some items that you may be worried about, we got you covered.